Artist Yulia Sochilina

Artist Yulia Sochilina

Leading Russian puppeteer artist, member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, member of the Experimental Creative Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Creative Union of Russian Artists "", was awarded a bronze and silver medal of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.


The phenomenon of Yulia Sochilina has no equal in the art of an art doll. As has already been stated many times, an art doll is a synthetic art, and it is difficult to encapsulate the work of a puppeteer within the framework of any one genre.

The works of Yulia Sochilina are a wonderful and unique example of this art, balancing at the intersection of applied art, sculpture, theater and painting.

Sochilina's creative method lies in the incredible combination of sculptural wooden elements with naturalistic textile details. Wood is a beautiful and complex plastic material. Lively, warm, varied in the pattern of fibers, it is itself, as it were, a co-author of the master, by its very structure awakening his imagination, and sometimes dictating a certain direction of form creation.
Synthesizing in her work centuries-old achievements of various genres, techniques, traditions, styles, Yulia Sochilina created and rightfully occupied her unique niche in art. Julia not only immediately became one of the best puppeteer artists, but also aroused the unanimous delight of professionals of various types of art, as well as incredible interest from viewers and collectors.

Each appearance of a new work by Yulia Sochilina is a kind of event in the puppet world. And, perhaps, it can be argued that the works of this master will go down in the history of art ... And not only puppetry!

Sochilina's dolls are a skillfully created play of the imagination, the secret of a woman, hidden in seductive clothes, pulled into a corset Nostalgia, detachment from everyday life, eroticism and sensuality, brilliant juggling with artifacts of femininity, play of textures and optical illusion, replicas of fashion of past years, stylistic sophistication, ephemerality, instability, and, moreover, a magnificent triumph of the material.
And all this, in essence, is a striving for the aesthetic absolute through the solution of the artist's masterly tasks with the help of a special plastic language subject only to her.