Artist Elena and Mikhail Sorins

Artist Elena and Mikhail Sorins

Leading Russian puppeteers, members of the TSHR, members of the Ministry of Agriculture, participants in the Experimental Creative Workshop of the RAA and TSHR "", participants in the Artkukla exhibition project. bronze, silver and gold medals, and a diploma "For contribution to national culture." Full Cavaliers of the Diamond Apple Award


The union of these artists is truly unique. Mikhail, having an extensive art education (School of Arts and Crafts, Polygraphic Institute, Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (formerly the Stroganov School)), began to create dolls as a scenographic addition to his paintings. Puppet characters literally descended from his paintings. Elena, who since childhood dreamed of making dolls, helped Mikhail in the embodiment of artistic images. Over time, the creation of dolls came to the fore and became their main creative path.

The creative path of Elena and Mikhail Sorin began in 1994. Since then, they have been constant participants in exhibitions of art dolls. Annual participation in the exhibitions of, the Club-studio "Doll Collection", participation in the exhibition of works by artists-members of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR) for a medal from the Academy of Arts, the exhibition "Dolls in the city" in the gallery Doll Collection corporation ( Toronto, Canada) and many others. Their works are in the best Russian and foreign private collections.

Today Elena and Mikhail Sorins are recognized artists of the author's dolls. They have a rare ability to speak to the viewer through ironic, bizarre images born of their imagination. Sorin's characters are phantasmagoric, alive, and complex. They play, play oddities, laugh, rave, or are meaningfully silent. The game does not stop for a moment, involving the world around us in a whirlwind of puppet mysteries. The dolls' faces are characteristic, recognizable, easy to remember.
Painters work in mixed media. When creating a doll, they use the whole range of their extraordinary abilities: Mikhail carves doll faces with his own hands from expensive wood, costume details and accessories from bone, Elena makes unique patterns from embroidery, beads, ribbons. Carefully selected antique fabrics, vintage jewelry, buttons are used for the costumes of their characters. Unique play elements are invented for each doll: bicycles, carts, rotating mechanisms, fantasy ships and other magical attributes.
The doll exposition is accompanied by paintings by Mikhail Sorin.

Elena and Mikhail Sorin have been collaborating with the Elena Gromova Gallery for many years. The unique art space of the gallery provides an opportunity for constant participation in the artistic life of Moscow and meeting with spectators and collectors.